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Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party
Trolls Birthday Party

I am very lucky in that my two eldest are only 9 days apart and totally willing to share a birthday party (so far) even though they mostly have entirely different interests.  This year they wanted to do a Trolls birthday party, which was a little tricky since the movie came out pretty recently there wasn’t a whole lot of pre-made Trolls stuff for me tho choose from.

IMG_3599 (2)

I got these invites on Etsy- a digital file, and then had them printed at Costco.  I highly recommend this guy.  The invitations were cheap ($6 for the design and only $17.99 to print on high quality Costco Premium Cards with envelopes) and he was courteous, worked with me to get what I want, and worked really quickly.

IMG_3607 (2)

We decided to do our party at a movie theater this year.  If you live in the general Seattle area, I highly recommend The Edmonds Theater.  It’s in downtown Edmonds and it’s a small, one screen theater that rents out it’s space for birthday parties.  It’s extremely affordable, even for up to 50-60 people, and they provide popcorn and let you bring in your own treats.

IMG_3615 (2)

I bought store-bought cupcakes and purchased these miniature trolls on Amazon to put on top.  The jewels were useless, but the trolls themselves were quite cute and the kids were all very excited picking out which cupcake they wanted.



I made a candy bar with little paper bags from Hobby Lobby.  I stuck a Trolls sticker on each one and got some Gladware, little scoops also from Hobby Lobby, filled them up with candy, and called it a day.  The kids (and the adults) loved this.

IMG_3656 (2)

I bought this cotton candy on Amazon and put it into these bags.  One order of that cotton candy was enough to fill 30 bags and I still had 4 bags of cotton candy left over. Then I made a label for each one that said “Troll Hair – Eat to feel happy” and stuck one on each bag along with another Troll sticker.

The party was great fun.  Kids had a blast, and since we had the theater to ourselves, they even got to go down to the front of the theater and dance with the Trolls in the end scene.

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