My Thanksgiving Kids Table

My Thanksgiving Kid's Table
My Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

Ahh, the Thanksgiving kids table.  There’s always that one adult who’s always getting stuck down with the kids.  When I was growing up, it was my Uncle Jimmy.  He is the youngest of my mom’s 5 siblings, had kids himself last, and as a result, due to Thanksgiving age hierarchy, was always down with us at the kids table.  I actually think he kind of enjoyed it.

My Thanksgiving Kid's Table
How could I not make their table special? Look how cute they are!

Anyway, now that I am hosting Thanksgiving every year for 30+, I try to make the kids table a fun place to be.   I buy silly kids paper placemats for their spots, with little cups of crayons.  Even though I tend to seat teenagers next to their parents and their teenage cousins instead of the littler kids, I still place these things by their seats as well.

My Thanksgiving Kid's Table
When you’re hosting 30+ for Thanksgiving, you’ve got to day drink.

I also place little glass dishes of different kinds of candy.  Not so much that it will ruin their appetites, but a little for sure.  Gummy Bears, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids, Whoppers… There may be an adult or two who actually sneaks candy from the kids table while they are waiting for dinner.

My Thanksgiving Kid's Table
My Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

I set the table still with real cloth napkins and real wine glasses, because what kid doesn’t want to feel like an adult for the day? I place bottles of sparkling cider at their end of the table, instead of wine, like I do for the adults.

I’ve had luck finding paper placemats at Hobby Lobby, but there are lots on Amazon, and also a lot of free printable ones available on pinterest.

I use these little glass bowls for the candy, so the kids table will look as fancy as the rest of the table.  The candy costs me like $4, because I just buy one $1 movie theater-style box of each and spread them around- like I said, we have to save room for the turkey!

I use Crayola crayons, because Crayola is the best, and Martinelli’s sparkling cider for the same reason.

Cute Gobble till you Wobble shirt is available here.  It’s not nearly as long as it looks on Etsy, so read the reviews for sizing.

My Thanksgiving centerpiece (for those wondering) is just one long cedar garland from Costco ($14.99) cut into strips the length of the tables, with white Christmas lights.

Questions? Leave them below!


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